My 1st UFO Experience

I was about 6 to 7 years old, and it was around 1972.  We had just returned from a trip to the nearest “big city”, Springfield, MO.  I was raised on a farm about 1.5 hours outside of the the “city”, and it became the regular routine to go into town once every month or two to go shopping at the nearest mall.

Part of the trip’s ritual was to stop at the department store “Ventures” just before leaving town.  I would always get a helium balloon for behaving for the duration, and if especially good, ice cream!

After returning home to the farm on this particular day my only sibling (my sister who is 7 years older) and I went outside to play with my helium balloon while my mother was starting dinner early.  My father had already left to go get some work done elsewhere before dark.

I had tied a small stick on the end of the balloon’s string that was just heavy enough to let the balloon float up a good 20 feet before gravity would take hold and bring it back to earth.

I had thrown it up in the air several times, when a sudden breeze came up and whipped the balloon around the corner of the house and to the side.

I ran around the corner of the house and looked up in expectation to catch my balloon, but that’s not what caught my eye.

There before me hovering was a silver bullet-shaped craft.  You always hear about the saucer shaped craft, cigar shaped, or triangle shaped, but this was none of these.  It was silver.  No windows or doors.  No rivets.  No exhaust.  No sound!  Just pure silver, and shaped like a silver bullet laying on its side.  Sort of half of a saucer that was sliced down the middle.  Flat on the left side, and pointed on the right.

Because it was still daylight out, the sun was reflecting off the solid surface as it hovered about 12 feet off the ground before me.  Probably about 2 feet maximum above the electric line.

My sister came walking around the corner, because I had not returned with my balloon (long since blown away by the wind), and she came up beside me and asked me what I was doing, and then she looked up.

She froze beside me.  After a moment, she poked me in the side and said, “Go get mom, and get the camera!”.

I was so scared, I was frozen stiff.  I couldn’t move.  I remember trying to move, but couldn’t.  I couldn’t speak, little alone lift a finger.

My sister turned her head towards the house, just 20 feet away to our right, and screamed, “MOM!”

Her scream snapped my brain like a peppermint stick, and all of the sudden I could move.  I turned my head as well towards the house in hopes to see my mother.

It must of been a total of 5 seconds, and when we turned our heads, the ship had already moved to hover over our neighbors farm house.  Mind you, the neighbor’s house is over 2 miles away, but we could both see it hovering back and forth over the house and the barn, reflecting the light off it’s surface.

Suddenly, it zipped away across the horizon faster than your eye could follow it.  Unbelievably fast!

Just then, my mother came out of the house with a potato in one hand, and a knife in the other, “What?!” she asked.

When we both tried to tell her what had just happen, she said, “Oh, that was just a weather balloon“, and she went back into the house.

Now, I want to mention that there is a part of me that “feels” that something more happened, but I just can’t remember it.  It feels to me that we were both “frozen in fear” for longer than I remember.

The strangest thing, was that immediately after, even though we knew our mother wasn’t correct, we quickly forgot about the entire incident.  We never spoke of it, and never thought about it again.

Then one day, out of the blue, I just remembered it.  I called my sister on the phone and asked her if she remembered, and she said that she had just been thinking about that too, and that she had not thought of it beforehand either!

Ever since I remembered, I have had nightmares, visions, and even flashes during meditation.  With all the Hollywood movies about aliens, I can say this:  The only thing that gives me any kind of emotional response is the little gray guys with the big black eyes.  The other “aliens” in movies I usually laugh at.

The nightmares are less frequent these days, but they still do happen from time to time.  I wake up in the middle of the night straight out of bed, looking around the room in the dark for the little gray guys to be at the foot of my bed.

I had terrible nose bleeds as a child.  In fact, about the same time the experience happened, I had such a bad nose bleed that the doctor’s made me stay awake, drink coffee, and walk the floor.  They were afraid if I fell to sleep that I would slip into a coma I had lost so much blood through my nose.  That was a long night, and the toilet was filled with blood and tissue paper.  I’ve had my nose cauterized a couple times since, a very unpleasant experience.  They stick a Q-tip up your nose with acid on it and burn the blood vessels closed.

In fact, one of the other times I had my nose cauterized, was during the filming of “Passenger 57” in 1992, which I was part of.  (That’s another story and another blog entry.)  But needless to say I had an uncontrollable nose bleed on set, and the film crew’s nurse threatened to take me to the hospital.  It was shortly before that that I had another strange experience (yet another blog entry), and it is just now that I linked the two in my mind.  Interesting!  Anyways, I ended up at the local “walk-in clinic” and the did the acid on the Q-tip deed.  It hurt like hell, but I was back on the set the next morning at 5am.

I have never been a “UFO Enthusiast” or researcher.  I take everything with a grain of salt, because the truth is that I just don’t know what happened, and what I experienced.

Was it humans from the future traveling back in time to visit us?  Perhaps.  Was it aliens from another world?  Probably.  Was it beings from another dimension?  I just don’t know.

What I do know is that it happened.  It was real, and I have had other experiences since.

I will share more soon.

If anyone has ever heard of a “Silver Bullet Shaped Craft”, please let me know.  I am finding a strong impulse within me to seek out others that have seen the same ship for some reason.

I will leave you with this: Both my sister and I have an overwhelming feeling that “Something is coming” and “Something is going to happen” on a planetary scale.  And when the time is right, we will remember and know what to do.

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