Casting call for Pagan “Extras” living in Central Florida for commercial shoot

Merry Meet,
We will be shooting a commercial for YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, etc to promote the “Rabid Pagan” affiliate marketing & fan club at my new website on Sunday afternoon, April 25th at 2pm in Sanford, FL near the Sanford Airport.  It shouldn’t take more than 2 hours to do, but be prepared to stay longer, just in case.

I am looking for Pagan adults (all ages 18+) of all sizes, shapes, professions, etc. to play extras in the commercial.  I need at least a dozen or more people.  The more the better!  I would especially like to get an age range of 18 – 90.

If you happen to be of a profession that wears a uniform of some sort, wear that when you come to the shoot.  You should dress like you are going through your normal day.

There is no compensation for participation, but you will be credited in the film (however you’d like to be credited) as an “Extra”.  If you are specifically promoted to play one of the smaller speaking roles the day of the shoot, you will be credited with playing that part instead of “Extra”.

Please email me directly at: if you’d like to participate, and I will send you back all the details.  If you know of someone else that may be interested, feel free to forward this email to them.

This is a big silly commercial, and we will definitely have fun doing this!

I hope to see you there!

Bast Blessings!
Alexian  🙂

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