Look Up & Tune In! Grand Cross, Lunar Eclipse, Space Station Flyby!

For those who live in the Central Florida area:

(For those living outside of the Central Florida area, you can go here to track your “Flybys” for free by typing in your zipcode:


At 8:53pm Saturday the 26th of June, look WSW to see the International Space Station rise above the horizon climbing to 64 degrees over head, before sinking down on the other side of the planet (ENE).  It will have a -3.7 magnitude of brightness, which is VERY BRIGHT.  It will be the 2nd brightest thing in the sky next to the moon, and moving fast, as it will travel across the sky in just over 2 minutes and 23-ish seconds.

I have personally watched the Space Station hover across the sky many times… and it’s very exciting to see.

The International Space Station is the biggest, brightest object orbiting Earth. The station’s solar arrays span 240-feet from tip to tip, almost as wide as a football field. The ISS outshines Venus; only the sun and Moon are brighter. For more information click here: http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/station/main/index.html

Tomorrow (the 26th) is the Astrological Grand Cross where the planets are aligning, and a Lunar Eclipse, and now on top of that… a Space Station flyby… all in one day.

It’s a grand time to LOOK UP and “Tune In”!


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