Met some really nice people tonight at Books, Beans, and Candles.  One person, Barbara, I found out is a Devotee of Bast!  Bast is my Matron Goddess, and I even wrote and recorded a song about her.  We had lots too chat about, and I look forward to sharing and learning more with her. 

Julia is a recent resident of Bham and is a Reiki Master.  If you are in the area, make sure to check her out at:  She’s a very sweet soul.

Special thanks to Mitchell for having me.  And also to all the nice guys that helped me carry my equipment in and out of the store.

Photo: Alexian and Julia
Photo: Some of the gang at the concert.

2 Responses to Birmingham!

  • Dear Alexian,

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful songs with us and for your kind mention!
    I was so confused with the text messages that I received that I completely forgot to tip you or buy some music, silly me. Gladly I found you on CD Baby and will get some of your beautiful songs!!

    Have a great weekend and Blessed Be!


  • Hey Alexian,

    Just set up my Reiki website

    If you feel like meeting up while you are in the South, drop me a line?



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