Listen to the Wind music video reaches 5,000 views


It’s official! My music video, Listen to the Wind, just passed 5,000 views on YouTube. (Update! As of March 30, 2019 it as 11,056 views!)  It was a close race for a while between Cool to Be a Witch 2.0 & Listen to the Wind, but Listen to the Wind just won out this morning by a lead of only 118 views! Cool to Be a Witch 2.0 currently has 4,882 views.


The Magic Slide dance video (a clever line dance created by my good friend Ayanna for Cool to Be a Witch 2.0) is coming up in 3rd place with 4,566 views. Not bad since it was the last of the 3 videos to be posted online.


You can find all my music videos here:


I have a couple more music videos being planned out now, including one for an older song, Crone Chant, and one for a new dance song as well.


Which song would you like to see me make a music video for? Please comment on my Facebook page at

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