Mommie Lyrics

The Mother, The Magick, The Music CD - High Res Scan

© Copyright 1992 Alexian & Earth Tones Studios



when you’re in the womb, you are fed by your mother.

she’s a part of you, you’re a part of her, separate, yet as one.

from behind the veil you hear laughter, from a soothing voice.

it sings to you, and talks to you, of what lies ahead…



mommie, where are you?

here i am, just reach out your hand



then, we spend our lives, seeking, searching for our purpose.

to find our place, to find our heart, to find our source.

as a child lost we scream mommie, and mother comes.

she holds us, caresses us, and life is good again.





but, when we grow up, we’re embarrassed to cry mommie.

we get so lost, we can’t even scream, and no one’s gonna come.

but then there are times when we stumble, stumble upon her.

her waves of love caress us, let her precious arms fold around you.





here i am, just reach out your hand.

i am all around you.

here i am, please understand,

i am also within you.


we spend our lives, seeking, searching for our purpose…

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