Death’s Lullaby Lyrics


Death’s Lullaby
© Copyright 2011 Alexian & Earth Tones Studios



the fates have sent me, it’s time,

to let the shadows still the light.



let the shadows still the light,

let the dark heart welcome death.

my misty magick descends,

in answer to your frosted breath.


let the laughing cat have power,

your rotting emotions be silenced.

only lonely pumpkin knows,

the wisdom of my secret violence.


so let the shadows still the light,

let your final stop, start abidance.

darkness enfolds you anew,

to freeze your soul to my guidance.


let your eyes focus on my spector,

let my scythe swing swift and true.

the fates have sent me, it’s time,

to let the shadows still the light.


Verse 1:

I come to you,

at the end of your days.

i give you a deathly birth,

i show my love in so many ways.

i am the magick of midnight,

i am the arsenic seed.

i am the arrow through stag’s heart,

i am the reason you bleed.


(Repeat Chorus)


Verse 2:

i am known to all,

to whom you pay your debt,

an unwelcomed guest,

filled with many regrets.

i was there at your birth,

and i receive back your wraith,

only i can erase,

the painful smile from your face.

come to me, your final embrace.



those who want to live forever,

are just plain fools.

they think they have all the answers,

they make their own rules.

i once held them close, yet gently.

they were wild and free,

how soon they forget my kindness,

how they loved me!


(Repeat Chorus)


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