Promise Me (Prometheus) Lyrics


Promise Me (Prometheus)
© Copyright 1996 Wendy Rule
Arrangement and Recording ℗ Protected © Copyright 2011 Alexian & Earth Tones Studios



so, you’ve come again, tear me with talon and slap me with feathers.

once, i could depend, on death, my friend.

so, you’ve come again, time becomes reckoned as wings that are beating.

and the day begins, screaming…



i am still here, a thousand years.

i am still here, a thousand deaths.

i am still here. so hear me cry,

feed on me, feed on me, feed on me!

but promise me i’ll die, promise me i’ll die.

promise me i’ll die, for the last time.



ocean’s endless time, eats at the earth and the rock and my memory.

i, i recall the crime, the clay, the fire.

man, i made divine, curses mortality, yearning eternal.

but, immortal i’m still screaming!





so, you’ve come again, flight of the eagle that rises totemic.

do, do i fear the pain, or the weakness?

so, you’ve come again.  now that my nightmare has patched me together.

i can die again, screaming…



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