Curiosity Lyrics


© Copyright 1989 Doug Sinning (Alexian) & Earth Tones Studios



the heat is on, it’s in your eyes.

we’re movin’ too fast, i’d better realize;

we’re passin’ the point of no return,

i’d better slow it down before i get burned.


i was always a loner, just leave me be.

but now just take a look at me!  (curiosity)

lookin’ on you i can’t control myself,

i guess it must be curiosity!  yeah! yeah!



you came out of nowhere, now i’m goin’ somewhere,

what was it that made me fall?  curiosity!

i could not believe it, now i can’t leave it,

love has got me climbin’ the wall!


well they say, that curiosity killed the cat,

but that, could never happen to me!

cause i always cover my tracks,

and love always leaves me be!



i’m under your spell, can’t shake you off.

my heart, my mind, they’re all aloft!  (curiosity)

you took my soul and stole it away!

be careful what you do, and what you say!  yeah! yeah!





ok, so i was wrong.

i guess my bach’lor days are gone! (doo doo doo doo doo!)

i can’t believe this is hap’ning to me,

i’m just a product of, curiosity! yeah! yeah!



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