Panther in the Night Lyrics


Panther in the Night
© Copyright 1989 Doug Sinning (Alexian) & Earth Tones Studios


Verse 1:
just like the panther in the night, 

you’re hidden so well out of sight,

as you move in for the kill.

it’s not the money it’s not the love,

it’s not the burning of the drug,

that beats you to go on and on!


you tear up the night, in passion.

you do it up right, with fashion.

you’re knocking down walls, with your eyes

your touch it can kill, as it cures.

you’ll not stop until, you are sure,

you own ev’ry one, within your sight.

just like the panther in the night!


Verse 2:
you’re seen on ev’ry city block.

you’re on the news and shows that talk,

‘bout your power of this day.

your victims number a thousand and one.

it seems a battle that can’t be won.

never stick with one, gotta stray.

you gotta stray!



(Instrumental Break)


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