Time Lyrics


© Copyright 1989 Doug Sinning (Alexian) & Earth Tones Studios


Verse 1:
time, goes on,

and still i love you.

and ev’rything that i’ve said,

and ev’rything i’ve done still holds true.

you’re all that i want.

you’re all that i need!


Verse 2:
they say, that only time heals pain.

so why do i feel the same,

now, as i did before?

you’re gone!

and i don’t know why,

but i still cry.


time, i need you now,

more than ever.

time, i wanna know how, to stop!

this hurt inside my heart,

it’s growing harder and harder and harder and harder each day.


Verse 3:
you, are near, 

but still so far away.

and everytime i hear your name,

memories, they come to play.

(you’re all that I want)

yeah, you’re all that i need! 




(Instrumental Break)




yeah, time.

it goes on,

and on… 

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