A Central Florida Pagan community choir directed by Alexian. If you are Pagan / Wiccan, love the Goddess, drumming and vibrant vocal harmonies, this one is a must-have. 50% traditional songs and 50% original songs. Digitally remastered in 2018!

Vocalists: Abby Katz, Alexian, Bhriannon, Branwyn, Breegha, Elysian, Freyassiddhe, James Rolling Thunder, Lone Wolf, MoonSong, Oaken, Phoenix, Rowana, Saira, Seridina, SolarStorm, Teara, Telyng, Torianna & Vittorio.

Solo Vocals: Branwyn in “Yemaya Asesu”. Breegha in “Cherokee Morning Song”, “The River is Flowing”, & “Yemaya Asesu”. Seridina in “Man Gwa Nem”, “Spirit Binds Us All” & “Yemaya Asesu”.

Screamers in “Witches’ Dance”: Oaken, Seridina & Vittorio. Lead Drummer: James Rolling Thunder Additional Drumming & Percussion: Alexian, Oaken & Seridina. Lead Drummers in “Witches’ Dance”: Oaken & Seridina Flute: Seridina Synthesizers & Programming: Alexian Choir & Musical Director: Alexian Amulet’s Administrator: Vittorio

All songs are Traditional except “Beltane Song” lyrics by Bhriannon, music by Alexian; “Blessed Be” lyrics & music by Alexian; “I Am” lyrics by Rolling Thunder, music by Alexian; “Dark Light Spirit” lyrics by Freyassiddhe, music by Alexian; “Spirit Binds Us All” lyrics by Seridina, music by Seridina and Alexian; “The Song She Sings” lyrics by Abby Katz, music by Alexian; “Witches’ Dance” music beats by Oaken, Seridina & Alexian.

All vocal & instrumental arrangements by Alexian. All tracks recorded, mixed, mastered, and digitally re-mastered at Earth Tones Studios, Oviedo, Florida. Produced by Alexian & Vittorio for Earth Tones Studios. Engineered by Alexian. Cover Art Concept: Alexian & Vittorio for Earth Tones Studios. Original Design by Vittorio. Digital release design by Alexian. Photography by Alexian.

Special Thanks: Thanks to all the singers and musicians for a fabulous job. To all the families who let us borrow their loved ones for this project. To all the friends for their support and encouragement. To Barbara Shining Woman & Michael Wolfe or all their help with the Cherokee Morning Song Prayer. “Wadohi-stai. Yu ale alehaliga.” To the Goddess and God, for their love and blessings. To Mother Earth, for providing us with a source of inspiration. And to all of you listening to this album, for supporting us in our dream. Blessings to all, and to all, a Wonderful Life. Blessed Be! Vittorio & Alexian

Originally released on cassette tape 1997. Copyright © & ℗ 1997 Earth Tones Studios, Oviedo, Florida –