You Only Love Me For My Brain Lyrics


You Only Love Me For My Brain (Zombie Apocalypse)
© Copyright 2019 Alexian & Earth Tones Studios


in times like these, love is golden.
at times like these, you need a friend.
forget about the guns,… Continue reading

Join List, Play Game, Win Prize

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Promise Me (Prometheus) Lyrics


Promise Me (Prometheus)
© Copyright 1996 Wendy Rule
Arrangement and Recording ℗ Protected © Copyright 2011 Alexian & Earth Tones Studios



so, you’ve come again, tear me with talon and slap me with feathers.

once, i… Continue reading

Death’s Lullaby Lyrics


Death’s Lullaby
© Copyright 2011 Alexian & Earth Tones Studios



the fates have sent me, it’s time,

to let the shadows still the light.



let the shadows still the light,

let the dark heart welcome… Continue reading

A Call to Creative Fashion Designers!

So I’m frustrated. I need to find a creative individual or team to create clothing designs for me. I’m looking for a stage wardrobe that is a cross between Pagan, Goth, Steampunk, & Carny.

All I find on the internet… Continue reading

Magickal Weekend at Dragon Hills, August 2nd – 5th, 2012


Mama Rita
Dragon Hills

Thursday, August 2nd I arrived to the loving welcome of the staff and the hosts of the gathering Azrael & Angel. It was great to see the staff at Dragon Hills once again. Mama Rita had… Continue reading

Happy Ostara!

Happy Ostara My Rabid Pagans!
I hope this post finds you healthy, happy, and hungry for life!

My coven had a very nice, warm, intimate circle on Saturday evening, and the wheel turned successfully once again! I had several large… Continue reading