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(I’m now creating and adding them one by one!)

To the left is my inspirational videos that I recorded weekly for one full year.  They are slowly being released every week on this playlist, but the people on my email list have been getting them already, 6 months in advance of being released publicly.  Are you on my email list yet?

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  • This was a fantastic video…I really enjoyed it and look forward to seeing more of your work….! The marwitchtenie part made me cackle 🙂 !

  • Really enjoyed the Cool to Be a Witch music video. 🙂 Its great to see things happening in Pagan music.

  • I just found your website and i watched the video’s and i loved listen to the wind to me it cleansed my spirit and i loved it’s good to be a witch.

  • Hello Lord Alexian.
    I rather enjoyed your class yesterday at Lunasol. Looking forward to #4.
    If you’re so inclined, please do visit my website, it will explain a little about me. The “My Favs” link will take you to an example of one of my ‘Witchy’ songs, “Blessed Be”.

    Many Blessings~

  • Hi Alexian, I just wanted to tell you I got your The Mother, The Magick, The Music CD about – oh, 9 or 10 years ago and have enjoyed it so much. Thank you for your music.
    Also, I just watched the Listen to the Wind video (it’s probably my favorite song of yours.) Anyway, the video is wonderful. And it’s a true music video for Pagans, which I haven’t seen before. May I suggest that you consider making it available for purchase and download through this site? I know I would love to purchase it and I can’t be the only person who would feel that way. Anyway, it’s just I thought I figured was worth putting out there.
    Your work is wonderful. Thank you again, and Blessed Be.

  • great video on cool to be a witch… I laughed.. comical… Im interested in your music and your career…

    im not a Pagan, however I do believe in a Higher Source,greater then ourselves, where the spirits and the gifts come from…
    there is a balance between Light and Dark… i believe in moderation between the two extreme. I like to think of myself as a Healer
    to some and to others a comfort and a Blessing. Music is a healing power to the spirit as well as scents and aromas. I love the Celtic ways and Lifestyle.. some of my ancestors were Celtic in nature.. and Native american!

    Bubba Harley

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